First-ever premium odor-free polyester yarns from Italy

Give plastic PET bottles new life. For years, Sinterama, the European leader in polyester yarn production, has recycled PET bottles into high-end polyester yarns. Now Sinterama and Polygiene are teaming up to give these yarns a new odor-free life with Sinterama Newlife™ polyester filament yarns spun from fibers made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles that are sourced in Northern Italy and processed into polymers without using any chemicals.

The partnership marks the first time that Polygiene Permanent Odor Control will be applied at the fiber level instead of topically at the yarn and fabric finishing stages. This means more companies can manufacture odor-free, anti-bacterial gear, garments, workwear, home textiles, and upholstery of their own design.

There are lots of good reasons to look for Newlife™ polyester yarns:

  • They’re fresher smelling and will stay odor free no matter how many times you wear them. Remember to Wear More, Wash Less®.
  • They’re longer-lasting because Polygiene-treated fibers are stronger and minimize normal fiber wear and tear.
  • They withstand higher wash temperatures, which is especially important for people who work in the service, food, healthcare, hospitality, IT and other industries where hygiene is critical.

Look for the debut of Sinterama Newlife™ yarns with Polygiene Permanent Odor Control soon.

Read full pressrelease here.