New DVS showerheads help defuse Legionella ‘time bomb’

The latest figures published by Public Health England (PHE) confirm there were over 500 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in 2019 for England and Wales – an average of almost 10 cases a week - and warns that the country is facing a ‘potential time bomb’.

A substantial increase in Legionnaires’ disease cases has been fuelled by climate change, creating the ideal breeding ground.

Franke company Dart Valley Systems has launched a new range of antimicrobial wall-mounted shower heads with inbuilt Biomaster technology.

The strong, durable and ligature resistant shower heads feature a one-piece Anti-Microbial ABS outlet and are available in four colour-coded versions to promote a quarterly service and replacement regime for the best levels of hygiene

Biomaster inhibits the build-up of bacteria deposited on component surfaces by  stagnant water residing in the showerhead after use. It is effective against most common types of bacteria including Legionella, Pseudomonas and MRSA and remains active 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

Franke Water Systems has been specialising in products for commercial washrooms for over 230 years and Dart Valley Systems is a market leader in the field of watersaving products including automatic washroom solutions.

Selection of the correct products has been shown to increase hand washing compliance and reduce cross-contamination. With this in mind, Franke Water Systems offer a comprehensive range of HTM & HBN compliant products.

For more information visit the Dart Valley Systems website.

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