From sea to summit: Testing Polygiene ski garments in Senja, Norway

Senja, Norway
March 2017

Few places can grasp at your heart, lungs and mind as the Lyngen Alps in Norway. The expansive fjords and the sharp mountains rising from the sea contrast and complement each other unlike any other locale in the world. Add the accessibility and stable snow conditions typically found in the spring season, along with the potential to see the northern lights and you have the making of some unforgettable memories.

It was against this backdrop that Polygiene decided to test our products using ski wear from our best-in-class product partners and a team of journalists from the ski and outdoor industry to wear the garments non-stop. The group included an internal team from Polygiene as well as four journalists from the U.S., three from the U.K., and two from Germany. The location: Senja Island, Norway, which sits far north of the equator and has some of the most rugged mountains in the Arctic.

The team’s mission: to test the effectiveness of Polygiene Permanent Odor Control under extreme travel and weather conditions. In some cases, it took up to 30 hours of travel time to get to our ski destination and then four days of ski touring with over 2,000 meters of climbing and skiing – all without changing out of our ski garb treated with Polygiene.

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm
Photo: Fredrik Schenholm
Photo: Fredrik Schenholm

The “sniff-test” proposed to the visiting teams was whether you would still feel comfortable and confident enough to travel back home with your respective Polygiene treated articles of clothing after the aforementioned wear.

The stage was set, would our invited guests walk onto their return flights without issue, or be met by the flight staff and fellow passengers with disdain and the need for those little paper bags that are conveniently left at each seat? The Polygiene team was confident in the outcome but our invited guests had some trepidations and were a little nervous of the potential quarantine that might await them if the Permanent Odor Control technology from Polygiene didn’t work as promised.

…In case you were still wondering, everyone made it home without their seatmates being the wiser that the shirt and socks being worn by their fellow passenger had just had the week of their lives!

Special thanks to Camilla and PURE Ski Touring for organizing and keeping every small detail taken care of for a safe, fun and adventure filled week. And thank you to Fredrik Schenholm for the amazing fotos.

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As well as a BIG THANKS to our valued product partners who make some of the best gear available.  We are proud to work alongside with you!

Product support provided by: Patagonia, La Sportiva, POC, Dissent Lab Socks, Arc’teryx, Dynafit, Salewa, Mountain Equipment, Rab, Montane, Hilly Socks, Lifeventure Towels, BUFF, Millet

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm